The Sound of Music - Jerry's Girls

The Sound of Music

The Synopsis

Maria Rainer is a postulant at Nonnburg Abbey in 1938. Her irrepressible spirit radiates the joy of living. However, for Mother Abbess, her superior, and the other nuns, it provides a source of doubt concerning her fitness for the order. Until she can resolve her feelings about her religious calling, she is placed as governess to Captain Von Trapp’s seven children. The Captain finds the children a painful reminder of his deceased wife and is very strict with them. He is often absent, thus leaving them to harass the latest governess. Maria, however, slowly wins their approval by showing her affection for them. Together they play, laugh and sing, despite the Captain’s opposition to such behaviour. After a party given by Von Trapp, Maria is confused by her feelings for him and returns to the Abbey, where she is advised by Mother Abbess to face her problem in order to decide if she really loves him. Mother Abbess sends Maria back to the Von Trapp villa, and upon returning is told that the Captain and Elsa Schraeder are engaged. Her dismay is short lived – for the engagement is dissolved after the couple violently disagree over politics. The Captain declares his love for Maria and proposes to her. She accepts and the joyful wedding ceremony follows. Austria is invaded by Nazis and Von Trapp is ordered into the Navy. The family must escape to avoid this. They escape to a new life and freedom.

The Production Team

Director – Bernadette Baran

Co-Director – Leanne Jackson

Musical Director – Andrew Russek

Choreographer – Julie McEwen

Rehearsal Pianist – Lara de Wit

The Cast

Sara McLean-Jones (Maria Rainer), Karl Bourke (Georg Von Trapp), Anne Kitto (Mother Abbess), Kerry Maude (Elsa Schraeder), Desmond Smith (Max Detweiler), Karina Ursino (Liesel Von Trapp), Ben Hudson (Rolf Gruber), Claire Vella (Sister Berthe), Nicole Fidler (Sister Margaretta), Samantha Broadbent (Sister Sophia), Jim Simmons (Franz, the Butler), Robyn Goldman (Frau Schmidt, the Housekeeper), Keith Macbeth (Herr Zeller), Ken Bond (Baron Elberfeld), Alain Vella(Admiral Von Schreiber), Michael Vesic (Fredrich), Jasper Newstead (Fredrich), Catherine Vesic ( Louisa), Samantha McCredie (Louisa), Ryland Joyce (Kurt), Jonathan Parker (Kurt), Carolynne Szady (Brigitta), Joy Nettleton (Brigitta), Katherine Medrzejewski ( Marta), Rebecca Johnson (Marta), Natalie Vesic (Gretl), Hannah Allinson (Gretl), Bec Bradburn, Pieta Cummings, Bev Gowenlock, Joy Jones, Annemarie Murphy, Kathleen Murphy, Shirley Sykes, Betty Tougher, Anne Webb.

Jerry’s Girls

The Synopsis

Music and lyrics by Jerry, a celebratory two-hour musical entertainment of glamour, optimism, love, melody, and women. St James Theatre, Broadway – 18th December 1985 (139 performances). More than most songwriters, Jerry Herman has put the ‘larger than life’ women of his shows centre stage. There’s Dolly Gallagher Levi of Hello, Dolly, Auntie Mame Dennis of Mame, Countess Aurelia of Dear World, Mabel Normand of Mack and Mabel, and female impersonator, ZaZa of La Cage Aux Follies. So it fitting that in Jerry’s Girls there are women centre stage once again. Women, affectionately, celebrating Jerry’s special gift for writing songs that capture the true spirit of the American musical theatre.

The Production Team

Director – Nola Jones

Choreographer – Fiona Jones

Musical Director – Greg Jones

The Cast

Andrew Klusman, Anne Kitto, Annemarie Murphy, Barbara Hammang, Bec Bradburn, Bernadette Baran, Chris Scarpellino, Dale Selsby, Daniel Cooper, David Wood, Di Stanford, Fiona Jones, Fred Jones, Glenda Sleiman, Jonathan Johns, Madeleine Johns, Mary Coogan, Maryanne Bawden, Meredith Johns, Michelle Lucas, Pam Ennor, Paul De Martin, Peita Cummings, Rebecca Scott, Robyn Goldman, Sharli Wilson, Tracey Walters, Wendy Hudson.