Brigadoon - Company


The Synopsis

On a hunting expedition in the Scottish Highlands, Americans Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas have lost their way. As the mist clears, they find they are in the village of Brigadoon, which comes into being one day in each century. The villagers are dressed in 18th Century costumes and are preparing for the wedding of Jean MacKeith and Charlie Cameron. Tommy is attracted to Jean’s sister, Fiona, and Jeff becomes entangled with Meg Brockie. The fate of Brigadoon is threatened by Harry Ritchie, Jeans rejected suitor. During the frantic chase to prevent him from leaving, Harry is accidentally killed. As the day ends, Tommy has the choice of remaining forever or retuning to his fiancée in New York. Jeff convinces Tommy that they should return to America. Restless and unhappy, Tommy yields to the haunting memory of Fiona, breaks his engagement and returns to the spot where Brigadoon once stood.

The Production Team

Director – Pat Rafter

Choreographer – Nola Verrills

Musical Director – Kate Palethorpe

Assistant Director – Marion McNeill

Rehearsal Pianist – Helen Short

The Cast

John McCann (Tommy Albright), Jonathan Barons (Jeff Douglas), Jim Simmons (Donald Ritchie), Belinda Brown (Maggie Abernethy), Andrew Manners (Harry Ritchie), Clare Gerber (Meg Brockie), Keith McBeth (Andrew MacKeith), Sally Osmond (Fiona MacKeith), Alison Conway (Jean MacKeith), David Marcer (Charlie Cameron), Fred Jones (Mr Murdoch), Mark Benson (Frank), Raquelle David (Jane Ashton), Peter Alcock (Piper), Anne Kitto, Barbara Hammang, Barbara May, Bernadette Baran, Betty Norman, Betty Tougher, Beverley Gowenlock, Bob McKay, Claire Vella, Dominica Smith, Ian McFarlane, Janet Kay, John McDermott, Katrina Price, Ken Bond, Laraine Brown, Larisse White, Leanne Jackson, Mandy Marley, Matthew Shellshear, Michelle Jones, Robyn Goldman


The Synopsis

Set in New York, Company tells the story of five couples and their mutual friend Robert. Robert, turning 35 at the beginning of the show, seems to have everything: good looks, charm, and a great sense of humour. Nevertheless, he is still single. In Company he watches and learns from various couples. He sees both the wonders and pitfalls of relationships. In the end though, Robert realizes that while relationships rarely turn out like they do in fairy tales, life is still better when you have someone to share it with.

The Production Team

Director – Greg Wood

Choreographer – Julie McEwan

Musical Director – Jeff Fisher

Rehearsal Pianist – Gary Monger

The Cast

John McCann (Bobby), Christy Jean (Sarah), Bobby Babbin (Harry), Alison Conway (Susan), Pouyan Afshar (Peter), Sally Osmond (Jenny), David Marcer (David), Belinda Brown (April), Michelle Jones (Kathy), Christy Fisher (Maria (Marta), Clare Gerber (Amy), Greg Jones (Paul), Norma Keshishian (Joanne), Keith McBeth (Larry)