The Sound of Music – Coming of Age – Red Riding Hood

Coming of Age

The Synopsis

Last year the Committee decided they would like to present a low cost show for their winter production. It was decided that it would be a combination of our previous 21 shows. “This would be easy was the thought by all – what an understatement! Far from being easy, this show meant a great deal of work, especially for the production team. It was decided that the show would have to be very exciting visually, so a mostly exciting set was designed, the wardrobe people came up with eye-catching costumes and an extra stage area was built. Suddenly it was discovered that this was to be the most expensive show the Hills Musical Society had ever staged. So her it is, sit back, relax and join us in our “COMING OF AGE”.

The Production Team

Director – Peter Burgess

Choreographers – Annette Emerton and Mark Kay

Musical Director –Pat Gleeson

Pianist – Pat Gleeson

The Cast

Barbara Benson, Elizabeth Tolhurst, Madeleine Witzlsperger, Denise Slee, Cathy Collins, Susanne Lofthouse, Beverley Stimpson, Pat Boogaerdt, Wendy Dowdell, Michelle Eason, Lorraine Grant, Marion Palazzi, Barbara Podboj, Denise Niblock, Kate Palethorpe, Dianne Arnfield, Patricia Harris, Suzanne Bunn, Joy Bishop, Marion Lacey, Anne Miller, Liz Jasprizza, Leanne Deed, Judy Kennedy, Moira Hooker, Belinda Grant, Lisa Edwards, Alan Shepherd, Glenn Salmon, David Ivins, Robert Boyd, Greg Higgs, Les King, Ken Neyle, Fred Waski, Jim Vandore, Allan Ingles, Paul Sheldon, Nicholas Larkin, Pamela Ko, Anne Kay, Sharon Stimpfig, Caryn Williams, Sue Mosely, Carol Benham.

Red Riding Hood

The Synopsis

Red Riding Hood is a farmer who is about to lose her farm because she cannot pay her rent to her distant cousin, the ineffectively wicked Squire, Sir False Hood. However, her granny, Dame Trot, holds the secret to the missing will which names Red Riding Hood as the heiress to the Hood fortunes but without your reminders, Dame Trot cannot remember anything. Help her, Please!!! Shockingly shy, Prince Florizel visits the village, where he disguises himself as a woodcutter &, of course, falls in love with Red Riding Hood. He & his faithful page, Poppet, who, of course falls in love with Bo-Peep, Red Riding Hood’s hopeless shepherdess, are checking on Sir False Hood who is cheating the King of the village rents. Sir False Hood plots with his bumbling sons, Hardy & Foolhardy to steal the will, they are helped by the lisping Demon Sheerspite & his army of goblins & also, very unwillingly, by the lone wolf, Lupe.

The Production Team

Director – Marion Palazzi

Choreographer – Vera Armsworth

Musical Director – Trevor Slee

Assistant Director – Pat Gleeson

Pianist – Kate Palrthorpe

The Cast

Barbie Benson (Bo-Peep), Madeline Witzlsperger (Red Riding Hood), Alan Shepherd (Sir False Hood), Pamela Ko (Hardy Hood), Patricia Boogaerdt (Foolhardy Hood), Mike West (Poppet), John Baker (Prince Florizel), Greg Higgs (Dame Trot), Sharon Stimpfig (Baa), Caryn Williams (Baa Baa), Judy Kennedy (Dowager Fairy Dutiful), David Ivins (Demon Sheerpite), Bill Barry (Lupe), Leanne Deeds, Michelle Eason, Lisa Edwards, Belinda Grant, Pat Harris, Moira Hooker, Liz Jasprizza, Denise Niblock, Jim Armsworth, Stuart Armsworth, Jim Benson, Nicholas Larkin, Michael Paraskevas, Harry Smith.

The Sound of Music

The Synopsis

Maria Rainer is a postulant at Nonnburg Abbey in 1938. Her irrepressible spirit radiates the joy of living. However, for Mother Abbess, her superior, and the other nuns, it provides a source of doubt concerning her fitness for the order. Until she can resolve her feelings about her religious calling, she is placed as governess to Captain Von Trapp’s seven children. The Captain finds the children a painful reminder of his deceased wife and is very strict with them. He is often absent, thus leaving them to harass the latest governess. Maria, however, slowly wins their approval by showing her affection for them. Together they play, laugh and sing, despite the Captain’s opposition to such behaviour. After a party given by Von Trapp, Maria is confused by her feelings for him and returns to the Abbey, where she is advised by Mother Abbess to face her problem in order to decide if she really loves him. Mother Abbess sends Maria back to the Von Trapp villa, and upon returning is told that the Captain and Elsa Schraeder are engaged. Her dismay is short lived – for the engagement is dissolved after the couple violently disagree over politics. The Captain declares his love for Maria and proposes to her. She accepts and the joyful wedding ceremony follows. Austria is invaded by Nazis and Von Trapp is ordered into the Navy. The family must escape to avoid this. They escape to a new life and freedom.

The Production Team

Director – Warren Patterson

Choreographer – Mark Kay

Musical Director – Narelle French

Assistant Director – Dawn Devlin

Rehearsal Pianist – Pat Gleeson

The Cast

Denise Slee (Maria Rainer), Graham Healy (Georg Von Trapp), Fay Salmon (Mother Abbess), Patricia Lowley (Elsa Schraeder), Peter Burgess (Max Detweiler), Pamela Ko (Liesel Von Trapp), Paul Sheldon (Rolf Gruber), Barbara Podboj (Sister Berthe), Barbara Benson (Sister Margaretta), Diana Rixon (Sister Sophia), Robert Foggin (Franz, the Butler), Monica Foggin (Frau Schmidt, the Housekeeper), Graham Seaman (Herr Zeller), James Devlin (Baron Elberfeld), Janet Kay Snr (Baroness Elberfeld), Les King (Admiral Von Schreiber), David Sinclair (Fredrich), Nicholas Larkin (Fredrich), Deirdre Brennan ( Louisa), Cathy Collins (Louisa), Jason Langley (Kurt), David Spenser(Kurt), Rebecca King ( Brigitta ), Lisa Edwards ( Brigitta ), Shelley Armsworth ( Marta), Domini Larkin ( Marta), Justine Isemonger ( Gretl), Angela Kennedy (Gretl), Patricia Boogaerdt, Mary Christopher, Jan Doherty, Wendy Dowdell, Michelle Eason, Lucinda Gowland, Adrienne Irving, Janet Kay, Eileen King, Marion Lacey, Mary-Louise Lucas, Brenda Robilliard, Beverley Stimpson, Elizabeth Tolhurst, Leanne Deed, Dawn Devlin, Anne Kay, Anne Miller, Marion Palazzi, James Devlin, Michael Kay, Robert Neill, Bruce Rixon, Alan Shepherd.