Anne of Green Gables – Camelot

Anne of Green Gables

The Synopsis

Tonight, we fly you to a small island off the coast of Canada. Prince Edward Island, 140 miles long and 40 miles wide at it’s widest, is very unique with its gentle rolling scenery and miles of fertile farmland stretching into the distance. Today the bright red soil is no longer turned by horse-drawn ploughs, but much of the old way of life still exists. Beautiful beaches dot the coastline and Lucy Maude Montgomery’s Prince Edward Island and these settings have helped create the atmosphere in her “Anne” books, we are sure. L. M. Montgomery was most upset by the 1919 movie version because she felt “Anne” was far too ‘sugary’ – not like the gingery “Anne” loved by the world. The musical version you will be seeing tonight, was faithfully created by Donald Harron, has earned more than $2 million at the box office and been seen by more than that many people. In Charlottetown, the capital of Prince Edward Island, this production is presented yearly at the Annual Arts Festival and is now in its 17th season. In London it was voted “Best Musical of the Year”. “Anne” is a legend in Japan and undisputed leader in musical theatre in Canada. Now, we want the people of the Hills District to laugh and cry with the antics of ‘our’ “Anne”.

The Production Team

Director – Judi Burgess

The Cast

Lorraine Grant (Mrs. Barry), Marjorie Simpson (Rachel Lynde), Rosemary Hughes (Mrs. Pye), Allan Ingles (Rev. Smythe-Hankinson), Judy Kennedy (Mrs. MacPherson), Kay Sparks (Mrs. Sloane), Marion Palazzi (Mrs. Spencer), Sonja Barry (Lucilla), Trevor Slee (Minister), Alan Shepherd (Mailman), Peter Marshall (Farmer), Susan Deering (Marilla Cuthbert), Peter Burgess (Matthew Cuthbert), Louise Doyle (Anne Shirley), Carole Barry (Mrs. Blewitt), Cathy Collins (Diana Barry), Anne Kay (Josie Pye). Lynne Smith (Prissy Andrews), Susan Kennedy (Ruby Gillis), Shelley Kennedy (Tillie Boulter), Caroline Deering (Gertie Blythe), Nicholas Larkin (Gilbert Blythe), David Collins (Moody MacPherson), Dean McRae (Charlie Sloane), Warwick Hodgson (Tommy Sloane), David Stringer (Gerry Buote), Keith Gorman (Mr. Phillips), Denise Slee (Miss. Stacey), Les King (Stationmaster), Justine Isemonger, Megan Isemonger, Scott Marshall, Margaret Emerton, Natalie Batey, Lara Schwarcz, Natalie Millar, Angela Kennedy, Tanya Kozlowski, Danna Spencer, Jason Marshall, Rochelle Donaldson, Jacalyn Donaldson, Vera Mihavilovic, Peter Antrum, Tania Giltrap, Denise Niblock, Glenys McPhee, Mary Craig, Gordon Johnston, Lisa Mansfield, Gabrielle Thomas, Alex Smith, Steven Bow, Sabine Randall, John Boik.



Guinevere journeys to Camelot to become Arthur’s Queen. The entire court, apart from Arthur whom she has never met, comes to greet her. Nervous and shy, he is hiding in nearby woods. Presently, he is joined by Guinevere who has slipped away from the ceremony of welcome. They are soon charmed by each other and go forth happily to the wedding. Arthur’s tutor, the magician Merlin, is lured away but not before he has inspired Arthur to favour the establishment of peace and brotherhood. The fame of Arthur’s Order of the Round Table brings the cream of Europe’s knighthood to Camelot. No knight is more renowned than Lancelot du Lac, although the Queen and courtiers think the young Frenchman’s reputation must be inflated. She encourages three knights to challenge him to the lists. Lancelot quickly defeats all three knights in the jousting match and the Queen becomes attracted to him and he finds himself in love with her. Torn between this love and his devotion to Arthur, he asks permission to leave Camelot for foreign conquests. Two years later, he returns to be made a Knight of the Round Table and realises that he still loves Guinevere. Mordred, Arthur’s illegitimate son, arrives at Camelot to dishonour the King in order to gain the throne. With the help of his sorceress-aunt, Morgan le Fay, he traps Arthur in the forest. Then Mordred finds Lancelot in the Queen’s chambers and accuses him of treachery and imprisons him. Lancelot escapes but Guinevere is sentenced to burn. She is rescued by Lancelot at the last moment and he takes her off to France. Arthur must now wage war on France, even though he forgives Lancelot and Guinevere before the battle. As a final gesture of hope for the future, Arthur sends a young boy, Thomas Mallory, back to England with orders to tell another generation of Camelot’s ideals.

Production Team

Director & Choreographer – Vera Armsworth

Musical Director – Margaret McMurtry

Assistant Director – Denise Slee

Rehearsal Pianist – Kate Palethorpe and Pat Gleeson

The Cast

Graham Healey (Arthur), Beverly Ivins (Guinevere), Mal Leonard (Lancelot), Jim Armsworth (Pellinore), John Gowlland (Mordred), Barbie Benson (Morgan le Fay), Judy Davidson (Nimue), Peter Burgess (Merlin), Steve Johnston (Sir Dinadin), Don Donaldson (Sir Lionel), Walter Neill (Sir Sagramore), Iain Court (Sir Clarius), Andrew Davidson (Tom of Warwick), Louis Galea (Squire Dap), Sharon Hislop (Lady Ann), Rosemary Pavelic (Lady Sybil), Sturt Armsworth, Lorraine Baines, Judy Beath-Filby, Ron Brown, Ross Clarke, Lynne Chester, Trevor Court, Graham Forbes, Pamela Hatfield, Meredith Hayward, Moira Hooker, Graham Horne, Beverly Johnson, Judy Kennedy, Janette Kerr, Peter Marshall, Jacqui O’Brien, Gayle O’Sullivan, Diana Rixon, David Sheldon, Denise Sheldon, Paul Sheldon, Elizabeth Sylvester, Marion Thomson, Jenny Vine, Fred Waski, Shelley Armsworth, Natalie Heard, Margaret MacEwan, Linda McMurtry, Giselle Pilgrim.