The Vagabond King - Sweet Charity

The Vagabond King

The Synopsis

Based on the romance “If I Were King” by Justin McCarthy, “The Vagabond King” was successfully adapted for the stage by Brian Hooker and Rudolf Friml in 1925.

“The Vagabond King” is concerned with the adventures and amours of the 15th century outlaw Francois Villon during the reign of King Louis XI.

This picturesque tale is set between the underworld of the tavern and the noble men of court where Villon acts as the link. Villon blends the traditional roles of the man of action and the man of pretty words.

While Paris indulges itself in revelry, the Duke of Burgundy’s professional army is encamped under the walls of the city waiting to attack. In order to save both Paris and his life, Villon is appointed King of France for the day by Louis who manipulates a game of revenge.

Complicating the problem of loyalty to the state and loyalty to one’s self, Villon also endeavours to win the hand of the aristocratic Katherine de Vaucelles who has spurned the suit of Louis.

At the end of his day of power, all seems lost for Villon as he rides off to fight the enemy, no longer a Marshall of France but a vagabond Frenchman at the head of a vast, seething army made up of Frenchmen like himself. Burgundy is defeated and Villon returns at the head of his victorious mob to lay the trophies wt the King’s feet. Agreements must be honoured and Villon faces the gallows.

The happy ending comes as Katherine realises the truth of their love as she steps forward to save him and claim the Vagabond King in marriage.

The Production Team

Director – Gordon Ball

Choreographer – Janina Hammerlok

Musical Director – Robin Dorn

Assistant Director – Bronwyn McDonald

Rehearsal Pianist – Pat Fernandes

The Cast

Betty Tougher (Margot La Grosse), Patricia Rafter (Jehanneton), Brooke Edwards (Jehan le Loup), Anne Kitto (Huguette du Hamel), Janina Hammerlok (Isabeau), Nick Hoschke (Rogati), Greg Wood (Rene de Montigny), Steve Giumelli (Casin Cholet), Richard Adamson (Guy Tabrie), Andrew Castle (King Louis XI), Alan Murray (Tristan L’Hermite), Denys Gillespie (Francois Villon), Catherine Flaherty (Katherine De Vaucelles), John Guthrie (Thibaut D’Aussigny), Brian Watkins (Captain of the Scotch Archers), Dorothea Ramsay (Astrologer), Rosslyn Lindsay (Lady Mary), Michael Hann (Noel Le Jolys), Robert Lashmore (Oliver Le Dain), Susie Kennedy (Charlotte), B ruce Holden (Toison D’Or / Bishop), Sue Jones (Lady in Waiting), Robyn Goldman, Angela Kennedy, Rosemary Murphy, Cilla Norris, Vivienne Parry, Corralyn Sparks, Don Donaldson, Peter Whalley, Jonathan Barons, Ken Bond, John Davies, Chris Johnson

Sweet Charity

The Synopsis

The phrase “Unlucky in Love” applies to our heroine, Charity Hope Valentine, as she experiences a series of unfortunate encounters with men. The latest has dumped her in the lake. A loser in love once more, Charity returns to the Fan-Dango Ballroom where she works as a taxi dancer.

Charity swears never to be dumped again. Her best friends Nickie & Helene have heard it all before. Nevertheless, Charity is soon caught in an argument between film star Vittorio Vidal & his girlfriend Ursula & after an evening with Vittorio at the Pompeii Club, misses out again. The Fan-Dango girls enjoy hearing of Charity’s escapade & vow to better themselves. Charity decides to attend Night School in an attempt to broaden her cultural knowledge, but becomes trapped in an elevator where she meets Oscar & promptly falls in love. Although Charity conceals her occupation, Oscar is willing to marry her which is a great excuse for celebration by the gang back at the Fan-Dango. However, it turns out that amongst his many phobias, Oscar has one against marriage, so happiness again eludes our heroine.

Dumped back in the lake once more, Charity is unfazed & sets out to live life to the full, hopefully for ever after.

The Production Team

Director – Michelle Millgate

Choreographer – Natalie Neary

Musical Director – Frank O’Brien

Assistant Director – Bronwyn Sullivan

Rehearsal Pianist – Tricia Hooi

The Cast

Neriessa Tallon (Charity), Michael Hann (Oscar), Anne Kay (Nickie), Lisa Balaschow (Helene), Scott Evans (Vittorio), Greg Woods (Daddy Brubeck), David Barron (Herman), Bronwyn Sullivan (Ursula), Anne Kitto, Catherine Durham, Carol Halkett, Judy Kennedy, Sandra Brooks, Leonie Cooper, Susie Kennedy, Vivienne Parry, Janelle Ingles, Angela Kennedy, Julie LeClerc, Ken Bond, Brian Watkins, Rosie Olk, Paul Wright, Jonathan Barons, Amanda Johnson, Chris Johnson, Andrew Klusman, Samantha Black, Robyn Goldman, Rosemary Murphy, Jim Simmons, Betty Tougher, Cilla Norris, Sue Jones