The Boy Friend - Old Time Music Hall

The Boyfriend

The Synopsis

Madame Dubonnet’s finishing school, near Nice, could only exist in musical comedy. The charming young pupils burst into song at the least provocation, and forbidden boy friends are forever popping through the French windows to make up the numbers. Polly Browne is too rich to be allowed a boyfriend. Tony, for whom she falls, turns out to be the Hon. Tony Brockhurst, which is very lucky, because Polly thought he was just a delivery boy. Written in the fifties as “a new musical of the twenties”, this is still the most successful, tuneful and witty of the send-up musicals, which ape the style of earlier, lighter-hearted and more disarming days.

The Production Team

Director – Greg Wood

Choreographer – Kerrie Lawton

Musical Director – Kate Palethorpe

Rehearsal Pianist – Helen Short

The Cast

Margie Buttigieg (Hortense), Michele Jericevich (Polly), James Ford (Tony), Rosslyn Lindsay (Madame Dubonnet), Brian Watkins (Percival Brown), Shelley Barons (Maisie), Jonathan Barons (Bobby), Betty Tougher (Lady Brockhurst), Jim Simmons (Lord Brockhurst), Fiona Davies (Dulcie), John Haly (Alphonse & Pepe), Michelle Jones (Fay), Owen Childs (Marcel), Leanne Jackson (Nancy), Matthew Shellshear (Pierre), Keith McBeth (Gendarme), Julie McEwan (Tango), Robyn Goldman, Barbara Hammang.

Old Time Music Hall

The Synopsis

The Hills Musical Society is proud to present for your pleasure and entertainment a good, old-fashioned Music Hall, so sit back and relax for the evening with us and remember the good old days.

The Production Team

Director – Madeleine Johns

Choreographer – Christine Smith

Musical Director – Ray Woods

Assistant Director – Gailsusan Clarke

Assistant Musical Director – Lyn McPherson

Rehearsal Pianist – Lyn McPherson

The Cast

Diana Heery, Alan White, Betty Tougher, Keith McBeth, Laraine Brown, Pat Rafter, Brian Watkins, Maureen Calabria, Mathew Shellshear, Louise Smithers, Mary Coogan, Richard Barta, Barbara Hammang, Trish Steadman-Towell, Janet Kay, Steve Donelan, Barbara May, Colin Ellicombe, Jonathan Johns, Kayt Charles, Ellen Witzlsperger, Alex Buchanan, Val Farley, Ali Steadman-Towell, Robyn Goldman, Beverley Gowenlock, Betty Norman, James Lutwyche, Elaine Clarke, Rebecca Donelan, Chris Hammang, Jayson Hammang, Allison Johns, Meredith Johns, Kaitlyn Mahoney, Casey Soles, Victoria Steadman-Towell.