Flower Drum Song – Half a Sixpence

Flower Drum Song


The story opens in the house of Master Wang Chi Yang and his sister-in-law, Madam Liang, who is discussing with Wang’s sons, Wang Ta and Wang San the relevant virtues of love. Robbed in the street, Wang arrives home, when Sammy Fong, a nightclub owner arrives and offers to Wang for his son, Ta, Sammy’s Chinese “Picture Bride”. Sammy’s real intention is to merry his club’s star “stripper” Miss Lind Low. Wang agrees to meet the “picture bride”, Mei Li and her father, Dr, Li, After an inspection by Wang, it is decided that Mei Li is an acceptable bride for Ta. However, Ta is out with his own choice of bride, Lind Low, who portrays to Ta the part of a respectable girl and certainly suitable as Ta’s wife. Before the graduation ceremony, Helen Chou, who also loves Ta, arrives and is invited to the graduation party. Mei Li meets Ta, and decides he is the one to marry. During the party Linda arrives and Mei Li realises that Ta is in love with Linda. When Linda’s supposed brother Frankie Wong tells Wang that Ta will marry Linda, the problems start for the Wang family. When told of the pending marriage of Ta and Linda, Sammy Fong invites the Wang and Li families to his nightclub. When the two families arrive and see Linda do her “strips” they immediately leave the club. After the club fiasco, a drunken Ta spends the night at Helen’s place. The next morning Mei Li arrives at Helen’s, and seeing Ta’s coat realises that he was with Helen. Ta returns home and humbly begs forgiveness from his father. Mei Li discusses with Ta “how to love” another person. From all of this Ta realises he really loves Mei LI. Because of the marriage contract they cannot merry, but after watching TV, Mei Li finds the solution and so they finally wed before all the families knowing that: “ A HUNDRED MILLION MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING EVERY DAY”

The Production Team

Director – Peter Burgess

Choreographer – Sandra Towle

Musical Director – Rene Rugers

Assistant Director – Peter Marshall

Rehearsal Pianist – Anne Wyatt

The Cast

Betty Tougher (Madam Liang), Janet Kay (Liu Ma), David Collins (Wang San), John Gowland (Wand Ta), Neville Davies (Wang Chi Yang), Allan Brice (Sammy Fong), Ian Nicholas (Dr. Li), Caryn Williams (Me Lei), Julianne Ryan (Linda Low), Don Donaldson (Mr Lung), Ross Clarke (Mr Huan), Susan Dearing (Helen Chao), Alan Ingles (Dr. Lu Fing), Keith Gorman (Franki Wing), Carole Barry (Madam Fong), Greg Hansford, Anne Kay, Andrew Davidson, Suzi Cantrell, Simon Garside, Moira Hooker, Scott Nicholas, Craig Nicholas, Marian Palazzi, Marian Thomson, Robert Gallagher, Judy Beath-Filby, Kerry Loader, Jenny Bradshaw, Julie Aubert, Therese Alford, Leanne Shepherd, Fiona Gallagher, Lynne Chester, Judy Kennedy, Janelle Ingles, Mandy Farrell, Leanne Taylor, Katrina Staines, Ross Clarke, Don Donaldson, Peter Marshall, Allison David, Donna Mulheron, Sharon Hokin, Louise Longhurst

Half A Sixpence

The Synopsis

Half A Sixpence is based on H.G. Well’s novel, “Kipps”, which traces the story of a young shop assistant who suddenly inherits a fortune. It follows him through the celebration of his sudden wealth, his efforts to improve himself & his romantic entanglements. The sudden wealth turns his head & he finds that all things are now possible. He can buy whatever he wants, go where he likes & choose anyone for his friends – a very heady situation indeed!!!

The Production Team

Director – Marjorie Simpson

Choreographer – Marjie Lewis- Jones

Musical Director – Lesley Walker

Rehearsal Pianist – Kate Palethorpe

The Cast

Jon Gowlland (Arthur Kipps), Anne Kay (Ann Pornick), Betty Tougher (Flo Bates), Jack Wallace ((Mr. Shalford), Judy Kennedy (Kate), Marion Palazzi (Victoria), Nola Verrills (Emma), Fred Jones (Henry Chitterlow), Don Donaldson (Pearce), Peter Marshall (Carshot), Greg Hansford (Sid Pornick), Allan Ingles (Buggins), Lorraine Grant (Mrs Botting), Joy Bishop (Mrs Walsingham), Marjie Lewis-Jones (Helen Walsingham), Robert Lashmore (William Walisgham), Mandy Farrell (Laura), Mary-Ann Schmidtman (Gweddolin), Julie Aubert, Lynne Chester, Ross Clarke, Susan Doyle, Caryn Williams, Janelle Ingles, Trevor Laird, Kathy Long, Russell McNair, Kathy Ritchie, Harry Smith, Katrina Staines, Leanne Taylor, Barbie Benson, Kaye Sparks, Bob Neill, Keith Gorman, Jim Van Dore