Little Shop of Horrors - The Music Man

Little Shop Of Horrors

The Synopsis

This is the story of three ordinary people living in downtown Skid Rowe. The action centres around Mr. Musnik’s Skid Rowe Florist, & how one little plant comes to change the course of people’s lives. Audrey, a sweet, naïve, girl with a few hidden secrets & poor taste in boyfriends. Seymour, a down trodden, insecure but always well-meaning man. Mr Musnik, their boss, the owner of a failing Skid Rowe Florist.

Seymour’s secret love for Audrey blossoms & you will be surprised at the lengths he will go to, to win her love. Little does he know that all the while she is feeling the same way towards him & in the ensuing chaos, Seymour comes to losing everything he has ever cared for.

Meanwhile our friendly little plant has turned into a mean green monster, that snacks on nothing less than human blood. One by one our players find themselves confronted with this terrifying realisation. What follows is gruesome: Seymour has become an overnight success, he has gone from rags to riches & in order to stay there he must satisfy the plants ever growing appetite.

Unlike most musical comedy, this show does not have a fairy tale ending, & it may even shock you with it’s bare truth of life & death.

The Production Team

Director – Greg Wood

Choreographer – Kerrie Lawton

Musical Director – Melissa Thew

Assistant Director – Samantha Black

Rehearsal Pianist – Lyn McPherson

The Cast

Suzanne Spiteri (Ronnette), Linda Hale (Crystal), Shelley Kennedy (Chiffon), Jim Simmons (Mr Musnik), Paul Winn (Seymour), Holly Doel (Audrey), Johann Willenberg (Audrey II), Adrian Keed (Plant Operator), Fiona Jones, Rachael Alford, Katherine Hempel, Christy Wills, Kellie Heness, Kerry McMillian, Ken Bond, Keith McBeth, Anne Kitto, Robyn Goldman, Sue Harrington, Mario Calderone

The Music Man

The Synopsis

As the name implies, Professor Harold Hill is a “MUSIC MAN”. That is, he ‘sells’ band instruments to young boys in small towns across the American country. Unfortunately, Professor Hill is a con man and doesn’t know one note from another, therefore Professor Hill usually escapes from the town before the townspeople realise the instruments will never arrive. River City is the exception.

The lovable con man hits River City and decides to include uniforms in his big sell. By the time the uniforms are due to arrive Hill has his foot well and truly ‘stuck in the door’. He falls in love with the town librarian/ music teacher – Marion.

After he has won the trust of all the townspeople, including Marion and the children, some confusion reigns brought about by Charlie, a travelling salesman who is out to get Hill. But, all ends well with a boy’s band to beat all boys’ bands – with uniforms as well!

The Production Team

Director/ Choreographer – Gloria Johnston

Musical Director – Frank O’Brien / Ian Tripet

Rehearsal Pianist – Ian Tripet

The Cast

Henri De Gorter (Prof. Harold Hill), Rebecca Wallace (Marion Paroo), Patricia Rafter (Mrs Paroo), Anthony Chester (Winthrop Paroo), Robert Frew (Marcellus Washburn), Tamara Gilliard (Amaryllis), Cameron Haywood (Charlie Cowell), Jim Simmons (Mayor Shinn), Sharyn Clampett (Eulalie Shinn), Glenn Gilliard (Tommy Djilas) Belinda Johnston (Zeneeta Shinn), Rosie Olk, Lerae Davison, Bev Gowenlock, Robyn Goldman, Greg Dunn, Brian Watkins, Scott Evans, Steve Johnston, Mario Calderone, Rosemary Hunter, Fiona Jones, PJ Edwards, Mandy Marley, Sally Crocker, Keith MacBeth, Sue Harrington, Christy Wills, Rachael Alford, Elise Aynsley, Caroline Brew, Christopher Chester, Elaine Clarke, Jason Davison, Katie Hayes, Amelia Hodge, Pru Hodge, Graeme Hunter, Sophie Pearson, Jennifer Reed, Asha Walsh, EllenWitzlsperger.