Carousel - Little Women – The Pirates of Penzance


The Synopsis

Carousel tells the story of Billy Bigelow, a swaggering carnival barker who meets a young mill worker, Julie Jordan, in a fair ground. His employer, Mrs. Mullen, fires Billy for flirting with Julie, and Julie’s employer treats her in a similar way but regardless of the difficulties of being unemployed, their romance flourishes and the two marry. They go to live with Julie’s Aunt Nettie, but when Julie becomes pregnant, Billy becomes desperate for money. He falls in with the wrong crowd and becomes involved in an ill-fated attempt to rob a wealthy man. When the robbery misfires, Billy dies in Julie’s arms. Fifteen years later, Billy is in Heaven and sees that Julie’s daughter, Louise, is unhappy. He is granted one day in which to return to earth to do one good deed. He appears to Louise before her graduation and encourages the lonely girl to have confidence by singing the words “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and the story ends with Julie and Louise happy in the knowledge that, wherever he is, Billy loves them.

The Production Team

Director – Judi Burgess

Choreographer – Annette Emerton

Musical Director – Julie Blewitt

Rehearsal Pianist – Helen Short

Production Co-Coordinator – Peter Burgess

The Cast

Jane Selleck (Carrie Pepperidge), Laraine Brown (Julie Jordan), Patricia Rafter (Mrs, Mullin), Alan Bryce (Billy Bigelow), Ross Clarke (Timony / Policeman), Bruce Holden (Mr Bascombe), Helen Fawcett (Nettie Fowler), Geoff Kerr (Enoch Snow), David Stringer (Jigger Craigin), Kay Moore (Arminy), Peter Cox (Captain), Trevor Cooper (Heavenly Friend), Robert Lashmore (Star Keeper / Dr. Sheldon), Kathryn Duffy (Louise), Scott Hollingsworth (Carnival Boy), Greg Hatton (Enoch Snow Jr.), John Guthrie (Principal), Carole Barry, Christina Burgess, Lynne Chester, Samantha Cordwell, Sonja Curran, Margaret Emerton, Robyn Goldman, Susie Kennedy, Jeanette Kerr, Dianne Ludeking, Bronwyn McDonald, Charmaine Mercer, Kay Moore, Rosemary Murphy, Cilla Norris, Kylie Pugsley, Jenny Rixon, Annette Rowlinson, Kate Russell, Andrew Austin, Richard Barta, Morgan Cox, Michael Cronin, Mark Penney, Graham Stevens, Peter Vicary, Georgina Beckett, Marnie Blewitt, Christopher Holley, Naomi Martin, Claire Maxwell, Jessica Maxwell, Angela Murphy, Brooke Norton, Adam Rixon, Rebecca Taylor, Megan Webster, Ellen Witzlsperger, Erryn Wray.

Little Women

The Synopsis

Share this timeless and enduring classic about the March sisters’ journey from childhood to maturity during the American Civil War. Audiences of all generations will enjoy acquainting — or reacquainting — themselves with the sisters: Meg, the eldest; Jo, the high-spirited tomboy; Amy, the self-centered beauty; and gentle Beth, as well as their beloved Marmee and Father. Together the March family learns to endure both good times and bad as they share the joys and pains of growing up. This adaptation skillfully compresses the novel while still including milestones such as Meg’s declaration of independence from the tyranny of Aunt March, Amy’s trip to Europe and even Beth’s death. The play ends with Jo’s realization of her life’s work — the publication of her first novel. Interlaced with warmth, family loyalty and traditional values, all these important events provide us with a better understanding of our own lives. Penned by Louisa May Alcott 140 years ago, this much-loved classic tale’s message is still relevant for audiences today. The play is written for a cast of 10, but optional scenes and characters are included for a two-hour version with a cast of 14.

The Production Team

Director – Peter Burgess

Assistant Director – Annette Emerton

The Cast

Lorraine Grant (Mrs. March), John Guthrie (Mr. March), Sonja Curran (Meg), Joanne Hodda (Jo), Naomi Martin (Beth), Margaret Emerton (Amy), Carole Barry (Aunt March), Graeme Kendrick (Mr. Lawrence), Robert Lashmore (John Brooke), Greg Hatton (Laurie), Richard Barta (Professor Baret), Betty Tougher (Hannah).

The Pirates Of Penzance

The Synopsis

The show opens as a pirate band toasts Fredric’s rise from an indentured status to that of a Pirate. We then discover that Ruth, Fredric’s nursemaid, made a terrible mistake by apprenticing him to a Pirate band. Thus Fredric plans to leave &, despite Ruth’s loyalty, he rejects her please to be included in his future plans.

Fredric then sees the beautiful daughters of Major-General Stanley & appeals to their sense of duty in the hope that one might marry him. One daughter, Mabel, is sympathetic & agrees to marry Fredric. Meanwhile, the rest of the roguish Pirate band sneak in & surround the girls. Major-General Stanley then arrives & introduces himself at great length. He is not pleased with the Pirates’ enthusiasm for matrimony & claims falsely that he is an Orphan. The Major General & his daughters take leave of the Pirate band. Fredric stoutly pronounces the live of a Pirate. He bows to lead a group of police in battle against his former alias. The Major General, stricken with a guilty conscience, can’t sleep because he lied to the simple Pirates. Fredric has a new problem to consider with Ruth & the Pirate King approach him with an interesting paradox. It seems that Fredric is duty bound to remain a Pirate & he returns to the Pirate band after revealing the Major General is no Orphan. Mabel leads the police into battle herself against the Pirates who seek a penalty 50-hold for General Stanley’s story. The police & pirates confront each other & an interesting conclusion is reached.

The Production Team

Director – Madeleine Witzlsperger

Choreographer – Michael Delaney

Musical Director – Mark Pigot

Assistant Director – Gailsusan Clarke

Rehearsal Pianist – Lyn McPherson

The Cast

Shane Caddaye (Fredric), Sarah Kearney (Mabel), Steve Donelan (Samuel), Trudi Dalton (Ruth), Lance Smith (Sargent Of Police), Alan White (Pirate King), Bryan Dalton (Major-General Stanley), Larraine Brown (Edith), Helen Kennedy (Kate), Kate Russel (Isobel), Lynne Chester, Michelle Croudace, Alex Harding, Shelley Kennedy, Jeanette Kerr, Gillian Lewis, Kay Moore, Jane Muscat, Alia Naughton, Kylie Pugsley, Richard Barta, Anthony Brincat, Morgan Cox, Andrew Crabbe, Bryan Cutts, Don Donaldson, Greg Hansford, Bruce Holden, Henry Johns, Jon McKay, Michael McPherson, Graham Stevens, David Stringer, Scott Hollingsworth.