How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying – Irene – Grease

How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

The Synopsis

The critics fell over themselves praising this wonderful musical satire on the Organization Man. This is the story of a young man who climbs to a position of great power, and of the girl who loyally hangs on during his climb and eventually wins him. The young man’s successful climb is due not to hard work, nor any ancient prescriptions for success. He gets ahead by following simple rules in a book called “How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying”. All the way, our hero, J. Pierrepont Finch, runs into various obstacles and overcomes them like a modern, comic Siegfried. There’s his rival, the boss’s nephew; there are various traps to avoid; there’s the office wolf; the office party; the board meeting; the dangerous secretary; the other executives who are out to stop him, and of course, the big boss himself. From the coffee break to the last elevator load on Friday night, office life is turned inside out.

The Production Team

Director – John Bruce

Choreographer – Elaine Brown

Musical Director – Nigel Anderton

Assistant Director – Shayne Caddaye

The Cast

Brendan Fitzgerald (Finch), Warwick Georgeson (Gatch / Policeman), Barry Carmichael (Jenkins), Daniel Carter (Mathews), Jonathan Johns (Tackaberry), Peter Burgess (Biggley), Helen Kennedy (Rosemary), Graeme Kendrick (Bratt), Judy Kennedy (Smitty), Russell McNair (Frump), Betty Tougher (Miss Jones), Don Donaldson (Twimble), Pam Ennor (Hedy La Rue), Les Herbert (Davis / TV Announcer), Marian Palazzi (Miss Krumholzt), Nola Verrills (2nd Scrubwoman), Carole Barry (1st Scrubwoman), Anthony Brincat (Toynbee), Shane Caddaye (Ovington), John Hooker (Womper), John Bruce (Book Voice), Lynne Chester, Jeanette Kerr, Jan Mahoney, Janelle McNair, Kerry Edwards, Jenny Rixon, Julie Aubert, Cilla Norris, Roslyn Jones, Julie Fairclough, Oriana Rizzardo.


The Synopsis

Once upon a time there was a young Irish piano tuner called Irene O’Dare who lived with her widowed mother in a piano store on Ninth Avenue in New York. She was asked to tune a piano at the Marshall Estate on Long Island, where she met Donald S. Marshall III, unmarried heir to the Marshall fortune. He persuaded her to become a model for Madame Lucy, a clothes designer in whom Donald had invested. With the help of Madame Lucy, Irene successfully posed as an Italian Countess from Monte Carlo, causing quite a stir in high society. Donald fell in love with her and finally revealed the shopgirl origins in which Irene had never lost pride.

The Production Team

Director – John Trainor

Choreographer – Jenny Rixon

Musical Director – Bruce Rixon

Assistant Director – Moira Hooker

Rehearsal Pianist – Ann Wyatt

The Cast

Carole Barry (Mrs. O’Dare), Jan Mahoney (Helen Burke), Sonja Barry (Jane McFudd), Bruce Holden (Jimmy), Lisa Wilkinson (Irene O’Dare), Fred Jones (Clarkson), Anne Wilson (Mrs. Marshall), Paul McNiff (Donald Marshall), Greg Hansford (Ozzie Babson), Wayne Mills (Madame Lucy), Julie Fairclough (Arabella), Julie Aubert, Mary Brogan, Gailsusan Clarke, Michelle Croudace, Kerry Edwards, Karen Gee, Robyn Goldman, Lorraine Grant, Caryn Hansford, Sabrina Harrington, Helen Kennedy, Judy Kennedy, Jeanette Kerr, Kate Klusman, Denise Mcgowan-Slee, Jo Mclaren, Janelle McNair, Cilla Norris, Judith Stewart, Betty Tougher, Andrew Austin, Anthony Brincat, Ross Clarke, Craig Curran, Don Donaldson, Mark Kay, Graeme Kendrick, Jonathan Johns, David Samuels, Paul Wright.


The Synopsis

Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson had the perfect summer romance, spooning at a seaside resort. But the end of their summer holiday comes all too soon and they must go off to their separate schools, thinking this is the end of their romance. Back at Rydall High School for the start of his senior year, Danny returns to his cool, leather-jacketed image as the leader of the “T-Birds”. Meanwhile, Sandy has transferred to Rydall High where she meets the “Pink Ladies”, the female counterpart to the “T – Birds”. Although Danny is truly thrilled when he meets Sandy again, his image forces him to play it cool. Sandy feels rebuffed and turns to her school chums for consolation. But true love runs its course, and while Sandy and Danny ride the bumpy road to love. “GREASE” is full of 50’s hi-jinx at slumber parties, drive-ins and dance contest – all spiked with the amusing antics of the restless student body. “GREASE” is not just a nostalgic look at a simpler decade; it is peopled with characters of universal appeal – loveable renditions of identifiable kids. It’s an energetic and exciting musical homage to the age of Rock ’n Roll.

The Production Team

Director – Shane Caddaye

Choreographer – Shelley Armsworth

Musical Director – Mark Pigot

Assistant Director – Jan Mahoney

Rehearsal Pianist – Lyn Klepetko

Chorus Master – Jeanette Kerr

The Cast

Annette Emerton (Miss Lynch). Alison Amyes (Patty Simcox), Morgan Cox (Eugene Florczyk), Madeline Witzlsperger (Sandy Dumbrowski), Brendan Fitzgerald (Doody), Andrew Monaghan (Roger), Brett Hartley (Kenickie), Jonathan Johns (Sonny Latierri), John Hartley (Danny Zuko), Caryn Hansford (Jan), Kate Klusman (Marty), Suzanne Young (Betty Rizzo), Michelle Croudace (Frenchy), Les Herbert (Vine Fontaine), Robert Lashmore (Johnny Casino), Michelle Brown (Cha-Cha Digregorio), Michael McPherson (Teen Angel), Andrew Austin, Anthony Brincat, Scott Hollingsworth, Peter Lehner, Steve Smallbone, Julie Henninger, Angela Kennedy, Helen Kennedy, Kistin Knight, Janelle McNair, Tracey Smart.