Annie Get Your Gun - Once Upon a Mattress

Annie Get Your Gun

The Synopsis

Annie Oakley is the best shot around, and she manages to support her little brothers and sisters by selling the game she hunts. When she’s discovered by Col Buffalo Bill, he persuades this novel sharpshooter to join his Wild West Show. It only takes one glance for her to fall head over heels for dashing shooting ace Frank Butler, who headlines the show. She soon eclipses Butler as the main attraction which, while good for business, is bad for romance. Butler hightails it off to join a rival show, his bruised male ego leading the way, but is ultimately pitted against Annie in a final shoot-out. The rousing, sure fire finale hits the mark every time in a testament to the power of female ingenuity.

The Production Team

Director – Nola Verrills

Choreographer – Leanne Jackson

Musical Director – Greg Jones

Dance Captain – Fiona Jones

Rehearsal Pianist – Helen Short

The Cast

Clare Gerber (Annie), Jeremy Spinks (Frank Butler), Jonathan Barons (Charlie Davenport), Patricia Rafter (Dolly Tate), Fred Jones (Buffalo Bill), Adam Hammang (Chief Sitting Bull), Keith McBeth (Foster Wilson), John Gerber (Pawnee Bill), Alain Vella, Alyssa Cassidy, Anne Kitto, Barbara Hammang, Bec Bradburn, Beth Osmond, Betty Norman, Bev Gowenlock, Claire Vella, Daniel Gee, Danielle Loggie, Dominica Smith, Fiona Jones, Jacqueline Hooker, Jan Commins, Jody Hooker, John McDermott, Karishma Sarkari, Ken Bond, Laraine Brown, Larrisse White, Lyn Gerber, Marie Doyle, Matthew Shellshear, Owen Childs, Peita Cummings, Robert Shearan, Robyn Goldman, Sally Osmond, Sue Cole.

Once Upon A Mattress

The Synopsis

Once Upon A Mattress is based on the famous fairy-tale, The Princess and the pea. Due to an unhappy curse, King Sextimus is unable to speak. Meanwhile, his terror of a wife, Queen Aggravian has taken over control of the kingdom. Most importantly, in an attempt to keep Prince Dauntless single, she has decreed that only the princess that can pass her test may marry her son. Further, no one else in the kingdom may marry until Prince Dauntless does. Lady Larkin and Sir Harry are extremely disturbed by this fact since Lady Larkin is now pregnant with Sir Harry’s baby. Luckily, Sir Harry is able to find an amazing princess Winnifred the Woebegone. She instantly catches the attention of Prince Dauntless, and in the end, is able to pass the Queen’s supposedly impassable sensitivity test. When the Queen still tries to prevent the Prince Dauntless from marrying, he tells her to “shut up” which ends up breaking the curse on the King. Now able to speak, King Sextimus regains his rightful position as leader of the kingdom, and all is well.

The Production Team

Director – Jeff Fisher

Choreographer – Nola Verrills

Musical Director – Jeff Fisher

Assistant Musical Director / Pianist – Greg Jones

Assistant Choreographer – Lisa Suleiman

The Cast

Sally Osmond (Princess Winifred), Trevor Sharpham (Prince Dauntless), Madeleine Johns (The Queen), David Barron (The King), Greg Wood (The Jester), David Russell (he Minstrel), Lynda Kinkade (Lady Larkin), James Ford (Sir Harry), Kent Blackmore (The Wizard), Shelley Barons, Bec Bradburn, Peita Cummings, Maree Doyle, Justin Gard, Robyn Goldman, Bev Gowenlock, Wendy Hudson, Leanne Jackson, Cherie Jonas, Anne Kitto, Keith McBeth, John McDermott, Jane Mullen, Beth Osmond, Joel Osmond, Jess Strain, Francis Voon, Betty Tougher.