Oklahoma - Free As Air - White Horse Inn


The Synopsis

This is definitely a different type of production. While having a hero and heroine, it lacks principals in the ordinary sense – there are no “stars”; all are characters in their own particular way. It introduces new aspects of stage groupings - the traditional chorus has disappeared. The characters appear and act just as ordinary people would deport themselves under the circumstances. The Ballet is an integral part of the show with the choreography original and unusual. Scene settings strike out into new paths, making the whole offering unique.

“OKLAHOMA” – the plot very slight, and based on the play “Green Grow the Lilacs” written by Lynne Riggs. It is a period piece, the characters wearing the early garb of early American settlement. The Ballet sequence, known as “Laurey’s Dream” furnishes the general motif of the play’s action, and is described below.

“OKLAHOMA” – the name is intriguing and euphonious, and in the language of the Choctaw Indians signifies “red people.” It was admitted as a State in 1907, being previously known as “Indian Territory.” Indians still remain a considerable percentage of its population, which is probably in the vicinity of 2.1/2 million.

THE DREAM SEQUENCE” – The Dream Sequence. Which concludes Act I, depicts Laurey’s dreams and her per medium of ballet, members of which made up as Laurey, Curley and Jud, dance the roles?

The ballet commences with the “Dream figures” of Laurey and Curly dancing together in the forgetful happiness of young love. Presently a young girl enters, soon followed by others. Then come some of Curly’s cowboys. Curly kisses Laurey and walks away. A little girl presents Laurey with a nosegay, and then more girls dance and embrace her. Suddenly a bridal veil floats down and they place it on Laurey’s head. Curly and the boys enter, their actions suggesting cowboys astride their horses. The next dance motif is “The Wedding.” Curly awaits his bride walking down the aisle formed by the girls, but Jud moves slowly forward and removes Laurey’s Veil. Laurey is left alone with Jud. Three brazen girls enter (they typify the kind of “women” with which Jud mainly associates). They dance with Jud and the boys, and the girls perform the can-can for them. Then Laurey and Jud are left alone again. Curly comes upon the scene and fires at Jud with an imaginary pistol. Jud chokes Curly, killing him and then carries Laurey off. Finally the real Jud awakens Laurey from her dreaming and she moves off with him mechanically, feeling that her dream must have come true. The real Curley enters expectantly, but seeing Laurey leave with Jud, stands alone, puzzled, dejected and defeated as the curtain falls.

The Production Team

Director – Patti Franklin

Choreographer – Lorraine Williams

Musical Director – John Eyles

Chorus Master – Peter Foster

The Cast

Marjorie Simpson (Aunt Eller), Rex Corrigan (Curly), Annette Oliver (Laurey), Allan Ingles (Ike Skidmore), Brian Watkins (Fred), Michael Lubke (Slim), Alan Royal (Will Parker), Chris Bembrick (Jud Fry), Barbara Benson (Ado Annie), George Martin (Ali Hakim), Susan Przydacz (Gertie Cummings), Lee-Ann Dwyer (Virginia), Elizabeth Baker (Ellen), Susan Laplain (Faye), Val Van Doorn (Vivienne), Bob Shumack (Andrew Carnes), Bruce Sinclair (Cord Ellam), Jennifer Wakeling, Fred Jones, Chris Bembrick, Judy Walsh, Judy Roberts, Marie Williams, Claire Bentley, Jeanette Hollier, Sybil Sims, Diane Williams, Michelle McKenzie, Debbie Payne, Stephanie Neuman, Betty Tougher, Troy Walsh, Jason Walsh, Karen Williams, Charles Neuman, Cathy Hennesey, Katrina Read, Lyndon Hale, Adrietta Aupek, Lorraine Williams, Judy Roberts, Judy Croucher, Debbie Payne

Free As Air

The Synopsis

“FREE AS AIR” is set on the Island of Terhou, in the Channel Islands, off the coast of France. The show opens with morning breaking and the islanders preparing for the Independence Day the following day. However, there is a crisis – the Island has run out of girls to be the Queen as there is a law, which states that no girl may be Queen twice. A search begins to find a Queen when, out of the blue, a girl arrives on the Island, having run away from the Mainland. As the story unfolds, it is found that she is an heiress who is actually fleeing from the press, especially woman Reporter Ivy Crush. The Islanders are quite astonished to see her, as they have never seen anyone from the Mainland before. When Geraldine’s former boyfriend, Jack Amersham, arrives on the Island with Ivy Crush, the Island girls virtually fall all over him, and all decide that they want nothing more to do with the Island men. Towards the end of the show however, the Mainland loses a lot of its gilt and the Islanders decide perhaps Terhou isn’t such a bad place after all.

The Production Team

Director – Marjorie Simpson

Choreographer – Nola Verrills

Musical Director – Tony Badder

Rehearsal Pianist – Ruth Beattie

The Cast

Dorothy Hemmons (Molly), Fred Jones (Mr Mutch), Allan Royal (Mr Potter), Betty Tougher (Miss Catamole), Geoff Ferguson (Gregory), Ken Randall (Bindweed), Allan Ingles (Lord Paul Postumous), Bob Brown (Tom Ferrier), Patti Franklin (Garaldine Melford), Michael Lubke (Albert Postumous), Judy Croucher (Lucy), Elizabeth Baker (Ivy Crush), Rex Corrigan (Jack Amersham), Nola Verrills, Susan Przydacz, Jennifer Wakeling, Patricia Boogaerdt, Susan Laplain, Keith Stewart, Allan Shepherd, Warren Patterson, Lee-Ann Dwyer, Lorraine Williams, Dianne Williams, Susan Laplain, Judy Coucher.