As Time Goes By - The Pajama Game

As Time Goes By

The Synopsis

25 years ago, because of the lack of cultural entertainment in the Hills area, some very talented friends founded The Hills Musical Society.

Some of the original members are still with us, working hard to bring t\you top productions twice a year and some of our members have gone on to bigger and better things in the professional world. We have always prided ourselves as a great training area for the young, who need stage experience, be it in stage or behind the scenes.

Our Society has had it ups and downs and hard times but with the help of you, ou audience, we have always bounced back and endeavoured to bring you top class entertainment.

It was felt that something special and appropriate to the occasion was needed to celebrate our ”TWENTY FIFTH BIRTHDAY”, hence “As Time Goes By”. So sit back, eat, drink and be merry and enjoy with us our birthday party.

The Production Team

Director – Patricia Rafter

Choreographer – Annette Emerton

Musical Director – Kate Palethorpe

Assistant Director – Marion McNeill

Rehearsal Pianist – Helen Short

The Cast

Rachael Alford, David Barron, Barbie Benson, Samantha Black, Ken Bond, Trudie Dalton, Robyn Goldman, Sue Harrington, Diane Heary, Michele Jericevich, Steve Johnston, Fiona Jones, Anne Kitto, Janet Kay, Andrew Klusman, Kerrie Lawton, Julie LeClerc, Rosslyn Lindsay, Keith MacBeth, Mandy Marley, Kerry McMillan, Michael McPherson, Liesel Myers, Alia Naughton, Jim Simmons, Betty Tougher, Brian Watkins, Christy Wills, Greg Wood.

The Pajama Game

The Synopsis

The Pajama Game, based on the novel 7 & a half cents, is a timeless story of fun, laughter, tears, romance and a slow-down strike. Myron Halser, boss of the Sleeptite Pajama Factory, employs a new Superintendent, Sid Sorokin, who almost at once “encounters” Babe Williams, head of the “Grievance Committee”.

Prez, the President of the Union and self-appointed Lady-Killer, demands a 7 & a half cents rise from Mr Hasler on behalf of the workers. Hasler refuses the demand and a slow down strike begins, ending abruptly when Babe sabotages the machines causing Sid to fire her. While investigating to see if Mr Hassler can afford to pay the raise, Sid discovers the increase is already included in the present cost of the pajama’s.

When Sid threatens Hasler with disclosure to the Board of Directors an agreement is reached and celebrations take place at Hernando’s Hideaway.

The Production Team

Director – Ron Brown

Choreographer – Kate Inwood

Musical Director – Susan Mills

Assistant Director – Sue Harrington

Rehearsal Pianist – Susan Spiteri

The Cast

Jane Morton (Babe), Adam Scicluna (Sid Sorokin), Brian Watkins (Hines), Betty Tougher (Mable), Sharyn Clampett (Gladys), Andrew Down (Prez), Johnathon Brown (Hasler), Janelle West (Brenda), Kerry Maud (Poopsie), Gai Pritchard (Mae), Michael Hayes, Stan Nellis, Keith MacBeth, Ken Bond, Rosslyn Lindsay, Robyn Goldman, Nola Jones, Lerae Davison, Kerry MacMillan, Rachael Alford, Mandy Marley, Fiona Jones, Anne Kitto, Christy Aitken, Bev Gowenlock, Alana Smyth, Carrolyn Sparks, Kim Moore, Andrew Klusman.